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Proactive Approach to Keep Alleys Safe & Clean

A call for a more proactive approach when it comes to enforcement of issues in paved alleyways in Windsor.

Ward 4 Councillor Mark McKenzie asked administration during the July 10 meeting of council to come back with a report on the feasibility and cost of having bylaw enforcement officers conducting regular inspections of the city's paved alleyways. The bylaw enforcement officers would be focused on looking for a range of issues such as potholes, over grown trees, garbage, graffiti, dumping or encampments.

McKenzie says most of the problems are only addressed once a complaint is issued and he would like to have "more eyes" on the alleys to provide another way to address any issues.

"That way we kind of address the problems as they're happening as opposed to sometimes these problems linger for weeks or months and nobody sees them because maybe no one goes up and down that alley," he says. "Now bylaw will be going up and down that alley and will be able to get these problems address in a timely manner." McKenzie says he wants to see some options on what could be done, whether that involves hiring more bylaw officers, contracting out the additional duties, or even launching a pilot project to explore the issue.



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