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Mark McKenzie Trying to Address Youth Crime in Windsor-Essex

Ward 4 City Councillor Mark McKenzie has asked for greater collaboration between the Greater Essex County District School Board and Windsor Police, all in response to a recent rise in youth crime across the city.

Credit: Chris Campbell/CTV News Windsor

Mark McKenzie asked Windsor City Council to support a motion (which was passed) to have the city send a letter to the GECDSB, encouraging them to work more collaboratively with Windsor Police. This all stemmed from an annual report from Windsor Police, which revealed that youth-related crimes increased nearly 27% in 2023.

McKenzie said that children must be reached out to at an early age, because by the time they’re 17 or 18 years old, it’s too late. Mark McKenzie added that sometimes these children lack a proper role model at home, and said that police officers can be a good role model that children will look up to.

McKenzie has started an online petition, which he plans to deliver to Windsor Police, the Greater Essex County District School Board, and the Ontario Minister of Education. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

*Read Full Story at CTV News Windsor



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