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Mark McKenzie Proposes Policy to Cap Property Tax Increases

Ward 4 City Councillor Mark McKenzie wants to know if a policy can be developed to set a limit on property tax increases in Windsor. At the February 26th City Council meeting, McKenzie asked administration to develop a policy that would set a maximum property tax percentage increase in any given year. Councillor Mark McKenzie believes that the policy would hold future councils accountable when it comes to raising property taxes above a certain limit.

Credit: Rich Garton/CTV News Windsor

"Kingsville had an 8.2% tax increase this year, Niagara had a 7.02% tax increase, and Toronto has approved a 9.5% tax increase. I hear from many residents on a regular basis, that continue to tell me that they are struggling to get by, struggling to pay for their groceries, and struggling to heat their home. They're worried that Windsor may one day approve a 9% or 10% tax increase similar to other municipalities" said McKenzie.

Councillor Mark McKenzie is aware that even if council approves this policy, a future council could waive it. However, it's that added step that they now have to take and then explain to the taxpayer why they're waiving that policy put in by a previous council. McKenzie says we always should be looking at ways to be fiscally responsible and protect the taxpayers hard earned dollars. "I am realistic and would never suggest a 1% or 2% cap, but I think a 5% or 6% cap is realistic" says McKenzie.

"It terrifies me when I see other municipalities with 7% - 10% property tax increases." McKenzie says.

McKenzie was hoping that administration could begin work as soon as possible to develop a policy, but instead staff will explore the issue and how it applies under the Ontario government's Strong Mayor powers, and also determine if it can be implemented under those regulations.

Meanwhile, Council is planning to hold a special council session to explore the new rules and regulations under the Strong Mayor powers and how it applies to the current budget process. A potential property tax cap will be also be discussed as part of this special council session.

Sources: CTV Windsor & AM800 CKLW 



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