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Mark McKenzie Hosting a Ward 4 Community Safety Meeting

Ward 4 Councillor Mark McKenzie, Windsor Police, and the Via Italia BIA are teaming up for a Town Hall Community Safety Meeting on Tuesday May 21st. The town hall will feature several speakers and attendees who will address various issues and answer questions.

In addition to Ward 4 City Councillor Mark McKenzie, Windsor Police Director of Planning and Physical Resources Barry Horrobin will also be in attendance. As well as representatives from the Windsor Police Traffic Unit, POP Unit, and the Nurse Police Team. There will also be City of Windsor staff in attendance to answer any questions about Housing and Homelessness, as well as representatives from Safety Village and Neighbourhood Watch .

The meeting takes place on Tuesday May 21st from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, at the Erie Street Gastropub (839 Erie Street East in Windsor).

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