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South Section of Argyle Road Re-Paved

Councillor Mark McKenzie has been advocating for this stretch of Argyle Road to be paved since being elected in late 2022

Mark McKenzie continues to get things done in Ward 4! If you've ever driven down Argyle Road (between Ottawa Street and the ETR tracks) you know that it was one of the worst roads in Ward 4. While not one of the busiest roads, it is used as access for many residents on Iroquois and Argyle Court, plus it's posed to get busier with a beautiful new multi-residential set to open within the next few months.

“Residents and business owners in this area have been asking for this stretch of road to be repaved for years, and I'm happy to say that I got it completed for them”

After consultation with Mayor Dilkens and our Public Works Department, I was able to secure funding to repave the entire stretch of Argyle Road from Ottawa Street to the ETR tracks behind the former Market Square property on Walker Road.



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